Country Leadership - France

Sr. Nancy Glynn
Sr. Marie Dominique Monchy
Sr. Monique Marie Delepaux
Sr. Francois Hetuin
Sister Nancy Glynn, C.B.S., Designated Country Leader for Sisters of Bon Secours-France

Sr. Nancy serves as Country Leader. She has ministered as a physical therapist and spiritual director as well as in mission positions in Bon Secours hospitals. She was Congregation Leader from 1999-2009.

Sister Marie Dominque Monchy, C.B.S., Member, Country Team-France

Sr. Marie Dominique is coordinator of the community in Arras. She serves a Country Team treasurer. She ministered for many years in the nursing service of the Bon Secours Clinic in Arras as a nursing assistant. She is presently very active in service to the diocese.

Sister Monique Marie Delepaux, C.B.S., Member, Country Leadership Team-France

Sr. Monique is Assistant Country Leader and Coordinator of the Motherhouse community. A nurse by training, she has served in many capacities in the clinics in France and most recently as Director of our Nursing Home in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Sister Monique was Provincial of France from 1983 to 1993.

Sister Francois Hetuin, C.B.S., Member, Country Team-France

Sr. Francoise is secretary of the Country Team. She is presently a member of the community in Vendome where she serves as community treasurer. She is very active in liturgical preparation, both in community and in the local parish. Sister Francoise has been involved in various ministries including nursing in the home. She has also served as vocation director and formation director for France.


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