A Bon Secours Associate is a person who shares in the Sisters of Bon Secours’ vision, mission and spirituality, and has bonds with the congregation without being called to vows. An Associate, after a period of discernment and formation, is invited to make an initial two-year commitment. Associates and Sisters in a local community gather at least once monthly for prayer, faith sharing, and mutual support, as well as mission-directed outreach. This outreach varies from group to group. After two years, an Associate may renew commitment for another two years and then once again for a third time. After six years, an Associate is given the opportunity to make a Lifetime Commitment or continue renewing on a two-year basis. The Associate’s aim is to grow and deepen in faith through community, and to support the Bon Secours mission and apostolate by presence, prayers, and action on behalf of those in need.

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To inquire about our Associates programs in Ireland, Great Britain, France, US and Peru, please contact us via email.

Sr. Katherine Tierney Brid Cottrell

Great Britain
Teresa Duff

Marie Madeleine Chopard Sr. Jacqueline Rebours

Amy Kulesa

Sr. Rosalinda Pajuelo Ureña


The Sisters of Bon Secours began in Paris, France around the time of the French Revolution caring for the sick and dying in their homes...


For us it was all about bringing people to wholeness and helping them know that there is a God who loves them...


Is God calling you to a vocation in religious life as a vowed Catholic sister? Becoming a sister opens a world full of possibilities...