Country Leadership – Peru

Sr. Rosalinda
Sr. Sandra
Sr. Rosa
Sr. Nora
Sr. Elena
Sister Rosalinda Pajuelo Ureña, C.B.S., Congregation Team, Country Leader, Sisters of Bon Secours-Peru

Sister Rosalinda Pajuelo Ureña was born in Trujillo (Peru). She entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours on January 23, 1990. Her initial formation in religious life was carried out in Trujillo and Lima: (Conference of Religious), USET (Institute of Theological Studies). Afterwards she was invited to work as a missionary in the Quechua-speaking rural area (Sierra Ancash) where she began her pastoral experience in promotion and formation of pastoral agents, while at the same time working as a teacher in Religious Studies. In 2001 she took in Lima the annual training course in accompaniment after which she started working in the area of initial formation for religious life. From 2004 to 2009 she began working in Trujillo in the management of a Parish Special Education Center; at the same time she serves as Provincial Superior Assistant. Since December 1st 2009 she serves as Country Leader of Peru.

Sister Sandra Elizabeth León Valladolid, C.B.S., Member, Country Team, Sisters of Bon Secours-Peru

A nurse, Sister Sandra is Manager of the Madre de Cristo Health Center in Trujillo, Peru, which provides wide-ranging community health services 24 hours a day, as well as an ideal training ground for medical students interested in diverse areas of medicine. Before professing her final vows in January 2002, Sister Sandra worked in Trujillo and Lima. She gave religious instruction to children and adolescents and also conducted knitting workshops for mothers in the Alan García district of La Esperanza. The oldest of eight children, Sister Sandra completed her professional studies at the Camila Sisters’ Padre Luis Tezza School in Lima.

Sister Rosa Elena Gómez Navarro, C.B.S., Treasurer and Member, Country Team, Sisters of Bon Secours-Peru

Sister Rosa is a social worker who studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru School of Social Work. She professed her final vows in July 1994 and served as a member of the Congregation Team from 2005 to 2009. In addition to her role as Treasurer, Peru Country Team, Sister Rosa has oversight of the Juniorate stage of the Sisters’ Ministry Formation program. She previously served as accompanist in the initial formation, pre-candidacy, and juniorates stages of formation. In the rural area of Ancash, she carried out evangelization work, pastoral formation, and social work in the community. Early in her career, she worked in the Admissions Department of the Madre de Cristo Health Center in Trujillo.

Sister Nora Erlinda Jimenez Cruz, C.B.S., Member, Country Team, Sisters of Bon Secours-Peru

Sister Nora is currently a member of the Peru country Team and serves in Tujillo. She has served as administrator and nurse to madre de Cristo health Center as well as coordinating the community and administration of the local parish in the mission in Macate. Sr. Nora severed as a volunteer in the opening of a collaborative mission in South Africa. Currently, she is part of the Congregation Formation Team and has overseen the novitiate program and serves as companion to novices.

Sister Elena Serrano Saavedra, C.B.S., Member, Country Team, Sisters of Bon Secours-Peru

Sister Elena is currently a member of the Peru Country Team and works in the Huancayo mission. A nurse by training, she has sered in various communities in Peru and she served in the Ecuador mission for 2 years. She supports young women considering religious life during the formation stages. Sr. Elena served as Provincial from 2003 to 2009.


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