Country Leadership – France

Sister Noelia Lara Nunez, C.B.S.

Designated Country Leader for Sisters of Bon Secours-France

I am Sister Noelia Lara Núñez, in religion, Noelia de María
I entered the congregation while I was finishing my studies as a therapist in 1975.
Later, due to the need in schools, I worked as a teacher. I started teaching in several schools and at the same time continued studying towards my certification as language and literature teacher.
I worked in several parishes administered by the Irish mission, in youth catechesis and in the establishment of Christian communities.
I worked for more than 22 years as a teacher, and I accompanied young candidates during their various stages of formation, as well as sisters in their first profession (juniors).
I was part of the congregation leadership in Paris from 2000 to 2005.
For three years I worked as an administrator at the Madre de Cristo Clinic and coordinated several communities.
During four years I worked in the Siloé host community for children in situations of violence.
During these last three years, I went to Paris to help Sr. Nancy in various projects.
I worked four years in the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Care of Creation.
Currently I am living in Paris to serve as leader sister of the province of France.

Sister Marie Claude Dupuis, C.B.S.

Member, Area Team-France

Before becoming a religious I worked for 17 years in a clothing warehouse as a dressmaker.
I entered Bon Secours in 1988.
Certified as a medical and psychological assistant, I worked for 25 years in a Medical Educational Institute with young physically handicapped people (myopathy- MCI- Spinal Bifida).
I am certified to do Endo-tracheal aspirations for persons with myopathy.
Currently: I live in the community in Paris
I do volunteer work in a special center operated by the Brothers of St. John of God: visits to handicapped adults and I help with religious services.
I am the coordinating secretary at the Mother House.
I am a member of the Sponsorship Committee and of the Vocation Committee.
Reading: especially regional novels; graphic design; classical music and detective movies.

Sister Odile Royer, C.B.S.

Member, Area Leadership Team-France

Sr. Odile Royer Joined Bon Secours in 1964. Her Missions with Bon Secours have included teaching in Lille, a family worker which included supporting families in their daily tasks (1976 – 1979), Worked in Paris at the Maison de La Providence with students and young girls, La Charite sur Loire in catechesis, hospital chaplaincy and parish activities. Provincial Secretary with Sr. Monique Marie and Provincial superior from 2001 – 2009. In addition, she visited with the elderly priests in Arras.
Her current work is with the Vendome Community where 12 sisters live including 8 in EPHAD. She takes care of the liturgy and preparation for Sunday masses, funerals for Sisters and families. She participates in Pastoral Council of the parishes of Vendome, in the various meetings of the Retirement Home: "management team”, social life council, quality and safety commission
Sr. Odile enjoys classical music such as Bach, Mendelsohn and liturgical music, reading social, historical and poetic books. As well as sewing, nature and photography

Sister Solange Vitry, C.B.S.

Member, Area Team-France

Sr. Solange Vitry entered the Sisters of Bon Secours on March 19, 1982. She currently lives in the Arras Community in France and works as a Nursing Assistant in the Clinic. She is a current member of the Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation committee of the congregation and enjoys singing in the choir and cooking.