JPIC Mission

Mission of the International JPIC Committee

The International JPIC Committee:

  • Raises awareness of justice issues of interest to the Congregation
  • Works for systemic change through education and advocacy efforts
  • Addresses global and country issues from the lens of the Gospel and the Bon Secours charism: compassion, healing and liberation
  • Networks nationally and internationally with other groups working for peace, social and eco justice

The Sisters of Bon Secours are members of UNANIMA International, a non-governmental organization (NGO) advocating on behalf of women and children (particularly those living in poverty), immigrants and refugees, and the environment, whose work is primarily done at the U.N.

International Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Committee

Sr. Theresa Margot Benítes Montero, CBS (Peru)
Eileen Fernandini (USA)
Camille Grippon (France Liaison)
Sr. Mary Beth Hamm, SSJ, Chair, JPIC Coordinator
Sr. Mary Leamy, CBS (Ireland)
Rachel Moccia (USA)
Sr. Maria Pintado Pena Co-Chair (Peru)
Sr. Katherine Tierney, CBS (Ireland)
Sr. Yolanda Morales Valiente, CBS (Peru)
Sr. Chris Webb, CBS (USA)

Deepening our living of the MIssion Focus Statement we call each other to respond to emerging challenges and:

  • to advocate to end violence in all forms
  • to cry out against human trafficking
  • to promote the integrity of the environment and ecological health

As prophetic women we will advocate on behalf of the marginalized. We will support legislation that favors the most vulnerable.