Bon Secours Associates – Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours


Bon Secours Associates

Share and Take Part in Our Mission

God leads many different people to the healing mission of the Sisters of Bon Secours. Those who share in our mission, vision and spirituality are welcome to join us as an Associate.

What Is a Bon Secours Associate?

An Associate supports our ministry’s aims through outreach, service and prayer on behalf of those in need. Associates may join the Sisters of Bon Secours regardless of gender, faith tradition, relationship status or age. You need only to believe in the healing charism of the sisters and have a desire to participate in that. An Associate’s aim is to grow and deepen one’s faith through community and service.

Where Are Bon Secours Associates Located?

Bon Secours Associates are in France, Ireland, Great Britain, the United States and Peru; with a beginning group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

What Do Bon Secours Associates Do?

Associates support the Sisters of Bon Secours through outreach, service and prayer and in so doing deepen their own faith-life and commitment to be “good help” wherever they are. Associates and sisters in a local community gather at least once a month for prayer, faith-sharing, mutual support and outreach.

How Do I Become a Bon Secours Associate?

The path to becoming an Associate begins with a period of discernment and formation. After that, you may make an initial two-year commitment. You can renew your commitment every two years. You can make a lifetime commitment after six years.

How Do I Learn More?

We welcome you to contact us by email, and a community member will be in touch with you.

Associate Prayer

Father, you who through the ages have
called forth people
with a variety of talents
to help you carry out your work on earth, help
me respond to your call today.
I offer my own gifts to you as an
Associate through my service
to the Bon Secours Apostolate.
May I through this mission give
glory to you and
bring your word and help to all.