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Stories from the Sisters of Bon Secours

Hearts Aflame

The Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours (CBS) offers Hearts Aflame: We Are Bon Secours to tell the stories of Sisters of Bon Secours who have dedicated their lives through consecrated religious life to be God’s healing, compassion, and liberating presence in all of creation. Eighty-two sisters share their stories, art, and poems as an inspiration to readers living in times of changing world views.

As CBS celebrates 200 years of continuous service, the sisters honor the 12 young women founding Bon Secours in 1824, in Paris, France, and their desire to bring God’s love and hope and care to people most in need during the social upheaval of their times. Today, their ever-loving charism is shared by the Bon Secours Family of sisters, associates, young adults, volunteer ministry and countless colleagues who live this way of seeing, being and doing in a world in need of God’s compassion, healing, and liberation. Readers will find themselves reflecting on and considering their own journeys and the points of inspiration and choices that led them to their path through life. Click the links below to read Hearts Aflame.