France – Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours

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Welcome to France

  • Founded 1824
  • Headquartered in Paris
  • Area Leader: Sister Noelia Lara Núnez

Welcome to the Sisters of Bon Secours in France. Almost 200 years ago, the Sisters of Bon Secours were formed in Paris. We are proud to follow in the footsteps of Mother Josephine Potel, the first elected leader of the Sisters of Bon Secours, and her eleven companions. We invite you to join us and explore how we bring the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to our community.


The Sisters of Bon Secours were born at the beginning of the 19th century when Mother Potel was called to respond to the suffering and disease that prevailed in Paris in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Twelve women followed the Spirit through the streets of the city to provide care and advice to the sick and dying. At that time, it was rare for nuns to leave their convents, but our sisters courageously entered the homes of the city to care for the sick, accompany them in their last days and witness to them the love of God. This radical approach to religious life caught the attention of many, and the sisters’ ministry grew rapidly in France and internationally.

Ministry Today

We are blessed to continue the rich history of our French sisters in our ministry. In France, we provide care for the disabled and elderly, minister in a vibrant elder care community in Vendôme and Blois, France, and volunteer in parish associations and activities. In 2023, an innovative approach to caring for the elderly, called Beguinage, was opened in Vendome. We also maintain the Mother House in Paris, which was purchased by Mother Potel in 1833. The historic building includes a glorious chapel, two wings and a courtyard, and over the years it has been used as an infirmary, Novitiate dormitory, and a headquarters for the French sisters and the leadership of the Congregation. A Heritage Center was opened in 2013, housing many historical artifacts of the Congregation.

Today there is a growing relationship with the students of the nearby St. Stanislaus High School in Paris; a growing young adult ministry and a focus on ecological concerns.