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Great Britain

Welcome to Great Britain

  • Founded in 1870
  • Leadership Office in Cork Ireland
  • Area Leader: Sister Eileen O’Connor

Welcome to the Sisters of Bon Secours in Great Britain. Our ministry was introduced to Great Britain after an Englishman and his sister were cared for by a Sister of Bon Secours from Cork. We are pleased to continue our mission in Great Britain today with governance from the Leadership Team in Cork, Ireland.


The Sisters of Bon Secours established roots in Great Britain in the early 1870s under the direction of Mother St. Beatrix. The ministry grew quickly upon their arrival in the country. Their mission and reputation were supported by a well-known journalist named Lady Georgina Fullerton, who had met Mother St. Beatrix when they first arrived in London. Thanks in part to an article written by Lady Fullerton in the Tablet, the sisters’ services were in high demand.

During World War II, the sisters’ convent was one of the few buildings in the immediate area left standing after the Blitz. A Sacred Heart statue was dedicated after the war in thanks for their preservation.

The sisters expanded into Scotland in 1948, purchasing a small house to provide care for the elderly. They then purchased four houses to build the Glasgow Hospital, which closed in 2012.

Ministry Today

Our sisters continue to have a presence in London and Glasgow and minister in the following areas:

  • Parish ministry
  • Minister to the terminally ill
  • Home visitation
  • A Young Adult Ministry in Liverpool is being developed