Health Care Ministry – Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours

What We Do

The Sisters of Bon Secours’ Health Care Ministry

A Legacy of Healing

The healing ministry of Jesus Christ has been at the center of our ministry since its formation in 1824. Over the past 200 years, our health care mission has grown with us, and today we practice our healing and spiritual ministry in hospitals, hospices, clinics, home care, and community outreach services to name just a few. We are caregivers, spiritual directors, chaplains, community organizers, board members, advocates, and more. Our ministries serve the needs in many communities within France, Ireland, Great Britain, United States, Peru, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our Innovative Roots

The Sisters of Bon Secours were founded upon a call to heal during revolutionary times in France when there was widespread poverty and unsanitary conditions, and many did not trust hospitals to take care of them. Twelve young women cared for those who were poor, sick, and dying by staying in their homes until they were well or died. This was unheard of during a time when Religious were expected to stay in their cloisters especially at night. The Bon Secours charism was to bring healing, compassion, and liberation to those in need and to be good help wherever needed. Read more about our history.

Our Spiritual Perspective

The Sisters of Bon Secours respond to a universal need: To provide to all who suffer a reason to live and a reason to hope. We believe deeply in healing the whole-person. This means that we consider physical, mental, and spiritual health when caring for individuals. Our mission urges us to connect deeply with others as we share the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We advocate to address public health needs before they lead to more serious conditions.

A Leader in Catholic Health Care

Today, we support the health of our communities with hospitals, health clinics, home health services, hospice and community programs around the globe. The Sisters of Bon Secours are one of the sponsoring congregations of Bon Secours Mercy Health, which operates 60 hospitals across the United States and Ireland and provides community health and support services in the areas it serves.