What We Do – Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours

What We Do

Bringing God’s Compassion, Healing and Liberation to People in Need

As Sisters of Bon Secours, healing is at the heart of our ministry. Healing may look like taking care of people who are sick in the hospital or in their homes or taking care of the environment. It may look like standing up to injustice. It always looks like spreading the message of God’s love. Learn more about what we do as Sisters of Bon Secours below.

Health Care Ministry

We are called to minister to the sick and dying. Centuries after the first Sisters of Bon Secours in France began caring for the sick and dying in their homes, we are blessed to continue their mission with hospitals, health clinics, home health services, hospice and community programs around the globe. The Sisters of Bon Secours are one of the sponsoring congregations of Bon Secours Mercy Health, which operates 60 hospitals across the United States and Ireland and provides community health and support services in the areas it serves. Read more about our health care ministry.

International Young Adult Ministry

We also support young adults in deepening their Christian call to compassion, healing and liberation. Our young adult ministry coordinates retreats, programming and relationship-building. Read more about our international young adult ministry.

International Associate Ministry

“A Place for All” across the world, our Bon Secours Associates help spread the healing mission of Jesus Christ. Not all people are called to become a sister and live a vowed religious lifestyle. Associates grow and deepen their faith life through their bond with the sisters and their commitment to the Associate community. They play an important role in supporting the sisters’ mission through outreach, service and prayer. Read more about our International Associate Ministry.


Our mission calls us to defend creation and cry out against injustice. Our International Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee (JPIC) guides us as we speak out against global and country-specific issues and work for systemic change through education and advocacy. Read more about the JPIC and our advocacy work.

Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry (United States only)

The volunteer ministry provides the opportunity for young adults to participate in the sisters’ commitment to justice in radical solidarity with the poor, the suffering and those most in need. The ministry volunteers carry this spirit forward in Baltimore, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia, where they live as neighbors and serve in ministry placements that improve the public health of their communities.

We invite you to journey with us in whichever way speaks to you as we spread a message of hope and assurance of God’s love. Join us in prayer or find out more about getting involved as a sister, an Associate, a young adult or a ministry volunteer.


Compassionate God, you are our future, you are our hope. In a time of need, pour out your Spirit on each of us so that we can become for each other in this world around us, a promise of healing, hope and liberation for today and tomorrow. Amen.