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Who We Are


From left to right: Sr. Rosa Elena Gomez Navarro, Peru area leader; Sr. Elaine Davia, USA area leader; Sr. Rose Marie Jasinski, Congregation leader; Sr. Eileen O’Connor, Ireland and Great Britain area leader

Sr. Noelia Lara Nunez, France designated area leader

Sister Rose Marie Jasinski

Congregation Leader

Sister Rose Marie has served as the Congregation leader of the Sisters of Bon Secours since 2019. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and entered religious life in 1965. She professed her perpetual vows in 1977. Sister Rose Marie served as a nurse for many years in Richmond, Virginia, and Baltimore and has held several leadership positions within the Congregation. She says that the most meaningful part of being a Sister of Bon Secours is “helping others come to a sense of wholeness and find a greater sense of who they are and the good that they have brought to the world.” Her hobbies include baking, music and gardening.

Sister Eileen O’Connor

Area Leader – Ireland and Great Britain
Sister Eileen was born in Kerry County, Ireland, and entered religious life in 1980. She professed her perpetual vows in 1991. She has served in Bon Secours hospitals across Ireland as a staff nurse, nurse manager, director of nursing and chaplain. Sister Eileen says the most meaningful aspect of her life as a sister is being part of the healing ministry of Jesus. Her hobbies include walking and reading.

Sister Elaine Davia

Area Leader – United States
Sister Elaine was born in Washington, D.C., and lived in Virginia for many years before entering the Congregation in 1964. She professed her perpetual vows in 1974. She has served as a registered nurse in Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia and Florida and says that the ability to minister and help others as a nurse practitioner has been most meaningful. She deeply appreciates the support and friendship of those in the Bon Secours community. Sister Elaine is also a French horn player, gardener, artist and aspiring keyboardist.

Sister Rosa Elena Gomez Navarro

Area Leader – Peru
Sister Rosa was born in Sullana, Piura, Peru, and entered religious life in 1983. She professed her perpetual vows in 1994. She has participated in the accompaniment in the faith of parish groups and Christian formation of catechists. Sister Rosa has also served on Area Leadership teams in both Peru and France. As a Sister of Bon Secours, she has found great meaning in community living and prayer and serving the poor. She says, “It is a privilege for me to be able to transmit God’s love to those the Congregation sends me to serve, especially those most in need.” Her hobbies include listening to music, watching movies and spending time in nature.

Sister Noelia Lara Nunez

Designated Area Leader – France
Sister Noelia was born in La Libertad, Chiquitoy, Peru, and entered the Congregation in 1975. She professed her perpetual vows in 1986. She was inspired by the lives of the first Irish sisters to arrive in Peru and credits them with supporting her on her religious journey. She worked as a physiotherapist and a teacher for many years and has held a variety of Congregation leadership positions in Peru and France. When she has time, Sister Noelia enjoys reading spiritual books, watching police mystery movies and more.