Welcome to the website for the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours. We recently elected a new Congregation Team who I am happy to introduce in a subsequent page on this site.
The Congregation of Bon Secours, founded in 1824, continues a nearly 200- year history of being “Good Help to Those in Need” by participating in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We continue this international ministry through our presence in France, Ireland, Great Britain, Peru and the United States. And, we are currently exploring a presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so stay tuned. We believe that our mission of compassion, healing and liberation is needed as much in our world today as it has ever been. You will see evidence of this as you visit the pages on our history as well as on our International Committees, especially our Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee. We are also eager to share the Direction Statement from our 2019 Chapter which gives energy and hope to how we are moving toward the future: “Impelled by the Holy Spirit and renewed by the fire of our original call, we women of audacious hope, nurture each other in our vocation; risk living on the periphery; and, as resurrection women, respond to what is to come.” We include in “what is to come” discerning our response to the current and ongoing realities of both the Covid-19 crisis and the call for racial equality worldwide. And, our doors and our hearts are open to receive new members whether Vowed, Associates, Young Adults or Ministry Volunteers – we welcome your questions; your exploration with us; and, certainly, your joining us in prayer as we further our journey of being messengers of the Gospel of Jesus and “Good Help to Those in Need.”

Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

"As Sisters of Bon Secours the struggle for a more human world is not an option; It is an integral part of spreading the Gospel..."



The Sisters of Bon Secours began in Paris, France around the time of the French Revolution caring for the sick and dying in their homes...


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