Through the love of God present in each Sister of Bon Secours, we are impelled:

To alleviate human suffering;

To help bring others to an awareness of the redemptive meaning of suffering and death;

To an awareness of our relationship with God by reproducing in ourselves Christ healing, consoling, teaching, and loving – Christ always aware of the needs of others.

(CBS Constitutions #15)

We, Women of Healing, commit ourselves to defend and care for all of creation; to cry out with others against injustice and all that diminishes life on Earth.

(Mission Focus Statement 2009)


The Sisters of Bon Secours began in Paris, France around the time of the French Revolution caring for the sick and dying in their homes...


For us it was all about bringing people to wholeness and helping them know that there is a God who loves them...


Is God calling you to a vocation in religious life as a vowed Catholic sister? Becoming a sister opens a world full of possibilities...